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Thread: Lift to work on c3&C4

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    Default Lift to work on c3&C4

    Has any one bought the Kwik Lift and is it a good lift for working?

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    I have not used one, but by just looking at it and seeing it in operation, it looks like more work than it is worth. I don't think you can drive over it, you have to move and store it each time it is used. Lots of wiring and hydraulic hoses to get in your way for storage and set up, plus they would get in your way when working under the vehicle. You have less space to work under your vehicle than 4 jack stands as it takes up more space. I think a quality floor jack and 4 stands would be quicker and easier myself. Just my opinion.
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    I know a couple of people using They like it. But, it is a bit of a pain to have to move the lifts and hydraulics around. One guy leaves his car up on it for winter.

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    The Kwik lift is a stationary piece of steel with no electric or hydraulics involved. The cost seems fair and you can leave it and park on it You must be thinking of the quick jack which is a thosand dollars cheaper.

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