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Thread: overheating or electrical issue?

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    Default overheating or electrical issue?

    i got in my car today and didn't go a mile before a message on the dic said essentially ac was shut off because the engine is hot. i turned around and went back home. opened the hood and checked the coolant which was full. the radiator is only a few months old. the temp gauge did not register any temp at all and fans were on full blast. could it be a thermostat issue? perhaps a sending unit has gone belly up confusing the computer? it has been 100+ degrees for several days here but the car was only driven about 12 miles all day. the car is an 08 z51 coupe with 71k miles. any Ideas? don't have a code reader. before i tow it to a dealer and spend $150 just to get codes read by the dealer, thought I would ask here first.

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    You might be able to borrow a code reader from Autozone. They used to have a free loan program.
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    O'Reilly's Auto Parts will read the codes for you and give you a printed list w/description. My local Auto Zone will also do that for me.

    A faulty sending unit may be the issue. Let us know what you find out.

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    Go to the nearest Chevrolet dealer. Stay with the car and get it fix properly! There is a lot of i know how to fix and do not !

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