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Thread: C5 Z06 -- "Square Set Up"

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    Question C5 Z06 -- "Square Set Up"

    Time to replace my tires on my 2003 Z06

    The problem is that I've got a Square Set-up. That is, 19" rims on all four locations (front & back)

    Front: Goodrich 275/30 ZR19
    Rear: Pirelli PZero 305/30 ZR19

    I would like to get Michelin on all four corners, but I've heard that if one is not careful, having 19's all-around could cause fault codes from the traction control, as the system is set for the original factory set-up, and cannot be changed.

    Any suggestions?
    Any cautions?
    Any warnings?

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    Have the 19" tires sizes on your vehicle now set any codes or messages? If not then you are within parameters. What you are looking to do in any tire/wheel combo is to be within a 1/4" to maybe 1/2" of difference in outside rolling diameter between the OEM size tire and the sizes the customer choses.
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    Just to be clear, you realize it's the tire circumference that matters, not wheel size. I know a few guys that run square on 18's with a couple of different tires with no issue. Also be aware under an extreme use of tc/ah, anything other than the sizes gm programmed the system may result in not optimal outcome, but this is unlikely in most driving scenarios. I have run anything but the spec'd sizes & never had a problem in 10 years.

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