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Thread: Seat Time in a New ZO6

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    Default Seat Time in a New ZO6

    OK.....I have gotten some seat time in different Stingrays over the past few years. I have enjoyed each driving experience. I am particularly excited about the Grand Sport. So much so, I've been working on a way go get into one. Due to various things, the earliest this would likely happen is a 2018 model...but I digress....

    Fast forward to now. I recently changed jobs. One of my new coworkers has a new ZO6. She drove it to work last week. Of course I had to go out to the parking lot to look at it. Well...drool over it may be a better description.... Imagine my surprise when she handed me the fob and said: "Take it for a spin." She didn't have to twist my arm too much....

    All I can say is: OMG

    As good as the Stingray is, this car is noticeably better. You can just feel it. The extra power.....well, that can get you into all kinds of trouble with the boys in blue very easily. I mean, I expected some difference between the two, that is only logical. I was blown away by how much difference. This feels like a completely different car. One just begging you to hit the gas and start carving corners. Sammy Hagar's "I can't drive 55" instantly comes to mind. I guess I need to look for a used ZO6 in my price range....
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    Smart move with the c7 z06...if your dropping the coin...and you don't mind preowned ...the 650 hp would make you smile John...

    The 460 hp stingray is a road rocket for sure..both are awesome choices....but what the hell..

    I don't think I'd go for the grandsport...myself...I think if I were spending the money? I'd probably go for the most ridiculous amount of hp stock GM is offering In The corvette...

    If for nothing else because we are all insane gearheads...and I'm getting

    What the ****...

    The first fifty for making the money...the second fifty for spending it!

    Have fun shopping John..

    Any preference on colors?

    Coupe or convertible?

    Manual or automatic?

    What are your preferences ..

    Btw congrats on the new career move...

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