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Thread: Service Traction Control and ABS Display

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    Quote Originally Posted by ALMSGT View Post
    I sent the EBCM to Brandon Hite at in Missouri. He charged $150.00 for the basic EBCM repair and an additional $50.00 to install a surge protector. You are also responsible for the shipping fees.
    fyi.....Brandon is a great guy who lives down the road from me here outside Springfield, MO. Fortunately I haven't needed his EBCM repair services. However, he also repairs a/c and radio dash lites etc. He usually has extra repaired units ready to swap with a customer once he receives your faulty unit. Fast and easy service at fair prices. You can check his website for details at

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    I finally got tired of the ABS , Trac Control , etc coming up once in awhile. Always showing the 1214 . So went after it last week taking the ECBM off and taking it apart. Resoldiering the relay joints ( never thought of just ordering a new relay before starting on the project ) and coating all with silicone seal and assembling. Did lose on center screw to the front putting it back together but ohwell.
    Fire up the car and nothing staying on after start up proceedures. Shut engine down and cleared old codes. Went on short test drive. All good. Next morning, went on 70 miles test drive, all good, next day ( yesterday ) over 100 miles on some pretty rough roads at times and one 5 point u turn due to ending up on a flooded road. No ABS/etc light on at all. Love that. Total time was about 3 to 3.5 hours time in my garage. If I have to do it again, probably cut an hour off that.
    Thanks to all the video and picture files people posted on doing the job made it so much easier that going after it blind or by the manual.
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    Congrats on the fix.
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