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Thread: Wipers stay in the on position

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    Red face Wipers stay in the on position

    Hello all,

    I'm a newbie and have enjoyed all of the information here so far but I have not found something on the windshield wiper issue that I'm having so here goes. I have a 1998 Corvette coupe, LS1 with about 85,000 miles on it. No modifications that I know of have been done to it. I have changed out the hazard switch to remedy a turn signal issue but other than that I have not changed out any other electrical parts yet. My wipers work fine but when I turn them off, they stay out like they are still in the "on" position. Sometimes they will be tucked in, but I don't notice when it happens. I have a list of codes that I pulled and reset and only a few of them keep appearing, mainly hvac. Any suggestions to what I can do?

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    Have you cleared the rubber drain "udders" under the windshield cowl? There are two on the left (driver) side that you can carefully reach up under the cowl with you left arm and clear the rubber drains by squeezing the bottom (which has a slit). If is VERY common for debris to collect in the drains and back up into the cowl - and damage the circuit board for the windshield wiper motor. The drains are near the outside fender, to the rear of the windshield fluid tank.

    There is a third drain udder on the passenger side, that goes from the cowl and under the battery - draining inside the right front wheel liner. It is much longer that the two on the driver side. If you remove the battery you can reach the drain. Usually if you clear the two passenger side drains (one is further back on the cowl but reachable if you take your time with your arm / hand) - it will permit rapid and proper cowl water draining - and won't damage the wiper motor circuit board.

    The board is serviced separately but I have had others tell me that once it dried out very good - it began working properly again.

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