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Thread: Hazardous switch fail 02

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    Default Hazardous switch fail 02

    How to insulate switch from air-conditioning same problem with brothers 04 if anybody has same problem

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    HI there,

    Please be more specific. What exactly is your problem and why do you ask about insulating the switch????

    Allthebest, Paul
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    Default 02 hazardous switch problem

    02 hazardous switch dampness in switch drilled hole and switch sprayed contact cleaner switch fixed had to replace switch six months later being next to air-conditioning duct will it cause condensation thanks

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    Hi there,

    You can try to wrap it in electrical tape or weatherproof duct tape, but I am suspecting other issues. The AC duct is channels air past it before it exits the vent.

    I would be looking to see why that is happening because it is natural for the air to be LESS humid with the AC on.

    Allthebest, Paul
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    Hazard swith failuers are quite common on C5 as they age. There is a by pass kit you can get so you do not have to take the dah apart to replace the switch. I got it not for a failing harard switch, but when I upgraded my brake/tail lamps to LED, this kit stops the rapid flash you can get from LEDs. It was I think around $75 bucks.

    Here is the flasher I got:

    It wires in under the dash, not in the dash.

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