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Thread: How much does your c6 corvette weigh?????

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    Default How much does your c6 corvette weigh?????

    the only C6 lighter than a C6 1LT is the Z06 with CF fenders and aluminum frame.

    2010 Corvette Coupe
    3208 lbs.

    2010 Corvette Convertible
    3221 lbs.

    2010 Corvette Grand Sport Coupe
    3311 lbs.

    2010 Corvette Grand Sport Convertible
    3289 lbs.

    2010 Corvette Z06
    3175 lbs.

    2010 Corvette ZR1
    3333 lbs.

    All figures are for curb weight.

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    A Z06 that I weighed came in at 3110 lbs with Hoosiers and a partial tank of gas, but it doesn't even have a moon roof or a wet-bar. Nor a driver's seat massager or a Blue-Ray disc burner. OK. I'm kidding about those last options, but why don't they offer a track ready option that deletes weight adding features that slow the car down, like the Viper ACR or BMW lightweight M variants and some Porsche models? GM seems to be finally catching on to the philosophy that less is more, but they are still clinging on to the gadgets.

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